Air Quality

Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality in Cartersville, GA

At Weaver Heating and Air, Inc., we not only keep the temperature comfortable in your Northwest Georgia home, we also help you enhance the indoor air quality to create a safer, healthier and more comfortable environment for your family. Our staff is made up of E.P.A. certified indoor air quality specialists. We have the capacity to provide air quality tests and offer a large amount of products and services to purify the air you breathe. From humidifiers to air cleaners to UV Lights, we make the air better. Here are just some of the products and services we provide to help make your home healthier:

  • Air Filtration
  • U.V. Germicidal Cells
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Humidification
  • Dehumidification
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

Seeing as we spend most of our times indoors, and knowing that indoor air quality could be even more polluted than the air outside, it is important to have professionals assess your indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality, can have adverse effects on your health, wellness, and comfort. Harmful airborne contaminants like tobacco smoke, pet dander, dust, household cleaner, pollen, bacteria, and mold could be present in your air and causing you to feel anything from watery eyes and a runny nose to fatigue and shortness of breath. If you or anyone in your home or office feels there could be a problem with the air, contact Weaver Heating and Air, Inc. for a free consultation.

The foundation for good indoor air quality is clean air ducts. As time passes, the air ducts in your home can become contaminated with bacteria, dust mites, and allergens. All of these can be controlled by having your air ducts and central cooling system regularly cleaned. This improves the door air quality of your home and will provide you and your family with fresher, less polluted air.

Duct cleaning: before and after

Duct cleaning: before and after

Ultraviolet Treatment Systems provide an effective and easy way to improve air quality. UV treatments target and eliminate mold and harmful airborne particles that may live in your ducts. At Weaver, we offer a variety of models and can help you choose the UV treatment system that’s best for you.

We offer the Honeywell and Amana Air Filtration systems for whole house air cleaning and air quality. Choose from whole-house media air cleaners, whole-house electronic air cleaners, whole-house HEPA air cleaners, and high-performance return grille filters. We can make the air in your home as pure as possible. Give us a call and we’ll help you choose the air filtration system that’s best for you.

Too much humidity can be as bad as a lack of humidity. Moisture problems can lead to mold and mildew which aren’t healthy for anyone to breathe. We offer the Honeywell TrueDRY™ Dehumidification systems which are not only energy-efficient but extremely effect at removing humidity from the air. In addition, all of Honeywell’s systems ENERGY STAR® Rated.

Besides contaminants in the air, too little humidity can be a problem as well. It can cause dry, itchy skin, nasal discomfort and nosebleeds, coughs, static shock, and even make your wood floors, woodwork, and wood furniture crack. A humidifier will add much needed moisture back into your home’s air. We offer Honeywell Humidification Systems in either the TrueSTEAM system or TrueEASE system.


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    Georgia Power HVAC Programs

    Georgia Power offers rebate programs for customers who install a heat pump in their home.

    A heat pump serves as both your air conditioner in the summer and your primary heat source in the winter. It provides a very energy efficient solution for your home.

    Georgia Power offers the following types of rebates for your home:

    • Converting From a Natural gas Furnace to a Heat Pump. This rebate is up to $550 and depends on the efficiency rating of the heat pump you install.
    • Replacing an Existing Heat Pump or Electric Furnace. This rebate is up to $250 and depends on the efficiency rating of the heat pump you install.
    • Programmable Thermostat. This rebate is up $100 and is subject to requirements from Georgia Power.
    • Air Duct Sealing. This rebate is up to $400 when you have your ductwork sealed.

    Contact Weaver for all of the details and to see what rebates work best for you and your home. As always, we provide a free estimate when it comes time to install a new heating and cooling system!

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