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When it gets hot in Cartersville, Dallas, Rockmart, and Canton, Georgia, A/C is really only one way to stay cool in your home or office. An air conditioning unit from Weaver Heating and Air, Inc. will keep you comfortable all year long, and with our energy saving options, they are affordable too. If you already have a system, our technicians can help keep them running smoothly with reliable repairs and maintenance plans. For the best quality of life, contact Weaver today to learn more about our whole home air conditioning options.

A package unit is a great option for those that want to enjoy all of the benefits of a comfortable home in one simple system. All of the various components of a package unit are located outside your home or office, as to not take up valuable space inside.

A heat pump is a system that can both heat and cool your home by collecting the warm and cold air from outside your home and transferring it inside. At Weaver Heating and Air, Inc., we have been successfully installing heat pumps for decades. To learn more about the cost saving benefits of installing a heat pump, contact our team today.

A duct-free system allows you to cool only the portions of the home you want. Traditional forced air conditioning systems lose their cooling capabilities as the air passed through ductwork. This requires your A/C unit to run until the thermostat temperature is satisfied. We can install wall-, floor-, or ceiling-mounted indoor units in each room which are connected to an outdoor power unit. This will help you save on your energy bill by cooling only the rooms you’re occupying.

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    Georgia Power HVAC Programs

    Georgia Power offers rebate programs for customers who install a heat pump in their home.

    A heat pump serves as both your air conditioner in the summer and your primary heat source in the winter. It provides a very energy efficient solution for your home.

    Georgia Power offers the following types of rebates for your home:

    • Converting From a Natural gas Furnace to a Heat Pump. This rebate is up to $550 and depends on the efficiency rating of the heat pump you install.
    • Replacing an Existing Heat Pump or Electric Furnace. This rebate is up to $250 and depends on the efficiency rating of the heat pump you install.
    • Programmable Thermostat. This rebate is up $100 and is subject to requirements from Georgia Power.
    • Air Duct Sealing. This rebate is up to $400 when you have your ductwork sealed.

    Contact Weaver for all of the details and to see what rebates work best for you and your home. As always, we provide a free estimate when it comes time to install a new heating and cooling system!

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